First time clients - Get a free 30 minute game assessment



Taking a page from the fitness industry, a flat rate unlimited monthly fee will allow clients to minimizing while maximizing.  

Encouraging more student participation at a fixed monthly costs based upon the person(s) needs allows for consistent repetition in building new motor patterns.

Lesson rates begin at $125 per hour

Unlimited instruction monthly: 

1 person $380.00

2 person  $680.00 (You & 1 Friend)

3 persons  $980.00  (You & 2 Friends)

4 persons  $1280.00  (Your Foursome)

All services included from the A LA Carte menu with monthly plans:

Club Fittings - $75 hr.  

Speed Interval Training 1/2-hour $75 hr. (Club head & ball speed improvement)

Sam Putt Lab- Putter Fitting $125 hr. 

Trackman Combine One hour $125 hr. (Overall Game Assessment)

K-Motion 3-Dimensional Body Awareness $125 hr.

Sam Balance Lab - Footwork recognition $125

                                            All Encompassing Training 

4 Hr. Session One Day– Fitness Assessment, TM Combine, Video sessions (before & after), Lunch - $550

8 Hr. Session 2 Day – Fitness Assessment, Speed Training, Sam Putt Lab, TM Combine, Video session (before & after), Lunch - $950


February 7, 2017 · Russel JohnsonFebruary 7, 2017

Why I love what I do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I doubt you remember me, but I had a lesson with you the day before Thanksgiving '16. You recommended a more forgiving club with graphite shafts rather than steel.
I swallowed my pride and went to Callaway CF16 irons with UST Recoil 760 F3 shafts.
You were absolutely spot on!! They have added a minimum of 10 yards per club! And the swing thoughts we worked on have my shots tracking to the flag.
Just wanted to thank you for all you did. You proved it is possible to teach an old dog new tricks.
$5 Nassau, press when you're mad??
Thanks again.

Bruce B